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Keep track of job applications

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Once you start applying for jobs, you’re going to need to keep track of detailed information about each position. At any point, you might have a dozen or more jobs for which you are somewhere within the application process, and that process can stretch over weeks or even months. You never know when someone might call you in response to your application, and you need to immediately be able to access information about that specific application—the details of the position, the date you applied, the resume you sent them, the references that would be relevant for that position, the research you gathered on the organization, and so forth.

The questions below can help you start to think about the type of data you need to record. Some of your responses can be very short (“When did you apply?” requires only a date), but for other questions you will want to take detailed notes (such as “What are some key facts about this organization?”).

The questions are intended to prompt two types of information: (1) what you’ll need in front of you when an employer calls and (2) what you’ll need to keep track of after the initial interview.

You can use this page as a template for a paper document, or use the questions to create columns in a spreadsheet or other type of organization tool that works best for you and is readily accessible.

When an employer calls, you will need to know:

  • When did you apply?
  • What is the name of organization?
  • What is the job title for this position?
  • What is included in the job description?
  • What are the required skills?
  • Who is the contact person?
  • How did you learned about the position?
  • What are some key facts about the organization?
  • What address (email and/or snail mail) did you use for the application?
  • Are there other addresses that you may need to use in the future for additional contacts? (For example, did you use a school address in the original application, but now you’re living back at home.)
  • How did you apply (online, snail mail, email)?
  • What was the deadline for applications?
  • When did you make a follow-up contact (name, date) with the organization?
  • What is/was the date of the interview?
  • What questions do you want/need to ask at the interview?

When you have had an interview, you will need to know:

  • What was the date/time of the interview?
  • How many people did you meet with?
  • What are the names of those people you met with?
  • What did you learn about the job that makes you more interested?
  • What did you learn about the job that makes you less interested?
  • How did you answer any difficult or memorable questions?
  • What questions did you ask, and how were those questions answered?
  • What is their hiring process? For example, will they have another round of interviews before making a decision?
  • When did they say they would be making a decision?
  • What did they tell you about their next steps in the hiring process?
  • Did they promise to call you once they have made a decision?
  • Do you want/need to contact them about their progress in filling the position? If yes, have you placed a reminder on your calendar?
  • When did you send your thank you note for the interview?