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Get matched with qualified candidates for your job opening.

We go beyond the resume sort and the cover letter sift. In fact, we do that for you. The profile that you create sets your match criteria. And you’re only sent matches when a candidate meets your requirements—and you meet theirs. It’s a two-way street so that you know they are both qualified and interested. We’re not like most free job posting sites. 1stGig is designed to change the way you recruit, helping you find employees with less hassle and greater accuracy.

Here's how it works:

Create a company profile.
Create a profile that details your company’s employment sector, company size and location. Then describe the various job openings available at your company and the type of candidates you are looking to recruit. Build a broad talent pool or narrow your matches by the criteria you choose.
Tell us about your company. Build an employer profile that includes the basics, like employment sector, company size and locations.
Go deeper. Create career profiles for the skill sets you’re seeking. Describe the opportunity and encourage candidates to start a connection with you.
Set your requirements. Build a broad talent pool or narrow your matches by the criteria you choose. Do you require a certain major or a minimum GPA? Or are you only considering applicants with internship or professional experience? You will only be matched with potentials that fulfill your needs.
Get matched.
1stGig’s built­-in algorithm uses the information that employers and job seekers provide to match the appropriate candidates with the companies and job openings that fit both parties best. Job seekers will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the matches that are made.
We compare. delivers matches based on the criteria set in both members’ profiles. That way you get exactly what you’re looking for. And so do they.
You update and tweak. We make it simple for members to change their profiles. Too many matches? Not enough? Widen or narrow your match criteria or create multiple career profiles to see different results.
We send alerts. Weekly updates or a message for every match? You decide. Setting up your notification preferences is fast and easy.
Start communicating.
Once a job seeker accepts a match, both parties’ contact preferences are shared and communication can be initiated by the employer or the job seeker.
Review accepted matches. Once candidates accept a match, you have access to their public profile. You’ll see their education and work history, as well as their match requirements.
Start a relationship. Once the match is accepted, your contact information will be shared with the candidate. And you’ll have theirs as well, if you choose to reach out first.
It’s up to you. Use 1stGig to build your talent pool so that when an opportunity becomes available, you can reach out to qualified, interested candidates.
Start recruiting.
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