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Get the advice you need to successfully start your career.

This blog presents guidance on topics such as making the most of 1stGig, writing appropriate cover letters and resumes, developing solid interview strategies, negotiating a starting salary, deciding about graduate school, and much, much more. It is interactive as well as informative: If you have questions or comments about what you read here, or if you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered, just let us know.

What does it mean to network?

While "networking" might sound intimidating, you've actually been doing it your entire life. (Read more)

Advice for young job seekers

Discover the common pitfalls twenty-somethings face when searching for a job, and learn how to avoid them in your own search. (Read more)

The all-important handshake

There are multiple ways to shake hands incorrectly; learn tips for passing the handshake test! (Read more)

Are millennials job hopping?

The prevailing wisdom is that millennials aren't looking for long-term positions, but data suggests they change jobs no more frequently than previous generations. (Read more)

How do I stand out in a job interview?

Know what you want, why you want it, and how you can contribute productively to whatever position you're interviewing for. (Read more)

Should I accept an offer for a job I don’t like?

When you’re out of work and searching for a job, it may seem that you have to accept a job offer, even if it turns out that the job isn’t really what you expected it to be or what you’re interested in. While it’s important to accept financial responsibility and pay your own way, it’s also important that you carefully consider every job offer and make sure it’s a good fit for you. (Read more)

How do I respond to unwanted advice?

There are few things that get ignored quite as often as unwanted advice, but I’m writing today to suggest that if you’ve been receiving unwanted advice about your career expectations or your job search — from your parents, or your friends, or your spouse — it may be time to take a break from ignoring it and see if you can find some value in what people have been trying to tell you. (Read more)

Looking your best helps you do your best

When you are dressed appropriately for an interview, you're going to feel more confident and project confidence. It’s normal to be nervous before a job interview, but when you look your best, that’s one less thing to worry about. (Read more)

How can I negotiate for a better salary?

For most people, negotiating for a salary is not a task to relish, but most employers expect it - even if it's your first full-time job. To make it easier, keep in mind these key points when preparing to negotiate. (Read more)

What should I wear for a face-to-face interview?

Real workplaces aren't nearly as casual as they're portrayed in movies and on television. (Read more)

When is it okay to accept a salary offer lower than what I had anticipated?

There are multiple situations where it may be in your best interest to accept a position with lower pay. (Read more)

What can we learn from millennials in management?

According to a recent report, 28% millennials in the U.S. workforce are now in management positions. How is that changing America's workplace culture? (Read more)

How do I define success?

How do you measure "success" in your life? According to Jeff Haden, it's not about what you accomplish; it's about how you feel. (Read more)

How do I prepare for a video interview?

There are numerous ways to help ensure you come across as capable, knowledgeable and professional. (Read more)

How important is my college major?

If you graduate with a degree that isn't oriented toward a specific job or industry, how can you demonstrate that you still have skills desired in the workplace? (Read more)
Susan M. Katz
Student Career Placement Consultant

Susan M. Katz, PhD, is 1stGig’s Student Career Placement Consultant and the author of Start Your Career: 5 Steps to Finding the Right Job after College.  She is also Associate Professor of English and Internship Coordinator at North Carolina State University, where she developed internship courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Her courses help students prepare for the job search process, identify their strengths, and consider a variety of potential career paths. Her first book, The Dynamics of Writing Review: Opportunities for Growth and Change in the Workplace, describes some of the processes that newcomers must go through as they enter the workplace and adapt to organizational conventions.