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This blog presents guidance on topics such as making the most of 1stGig, writing appropriate cover letters and resumes, developing solid interview strategies, negotiating a starting salary, deciding about graduate school, and much, much more. It is interactive as well as informative: If you have questions or comments about what you read here, or if you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered, just let us know.

Keyword: socialization

How do I learn to fit in at my new job?

Whenever you enter a new work environment, you must learn the acceptable and appropriate behaviors in that setting. (Read more)

How do I adapt to my new work environment?

Research has shown that everyone goes through a process of socialization when entering a new professional environment, and this process consists of four stages: anticipation, confusion, adaptation, and acceptance. These stages are consistent regardless of age, experience, or profession, but as you go through them with each new job—or if you change from one job to something very similar—the initial stages may get shorter. In your first encounter with this process, the stages can last a long time,  but knowing what to expect within each stage can help you get through it. (Read more)
Susan M. Katz
Student Career Placement Consultant

Susan M. Katz, PhD, is 1stGig’s Student Career Placement Consultant and the author of Start Your Career: 5 Steps to Finding the Right Job after College.  She is also Associate Professor of English and Internship Coordinator at North Carolina State University, where she developed internship courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Her courses help students prepare for the job search process, identify their strengths, and consider a variety of potential career paths. Her first book, The Dynamics of Writing Review: Opportunities for Growth and Change in the Workplace, describes some of the processes that newcomers must go through as they enter the workplace and adapt to organizational conventions.