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Why should I use 1stGig?

Student Career Placement Consultant

1st Gig is different from other websites that offer to help you find a job because 1st Gig wants to do more than that—it wants to help you get started on a meaningful career in an organization where you can thrive. How does it do that? 1st Gig provides career matching based on an exclusive algorithm—a set of “rules” that the computer program uses to match your specific skills, attributes, and preferences to the goals, requirements, and needs of employers. 

Most job search sites are going to ask you to upload your resume, or recreate your resume on their site, which gives you limited opportunity to describe your experiences in detail. It also means that your resume could be ignored because of formatting inconsistencies or uploading errors, and at the very least it means that your resume is being compared to thousands of other resumes based on criteria outside your control.

1st Gig asks you to create a profile that not only incorporates experiences you have gained through education, jobs, and internships, but also gives you space to provide employers with more detailed information about the things that you know you are good at. 1st Gig calls these your attributes. The site shows you a list of 39 attributes, each with a brief definition, and asks that you select up to 15 of those attributes that apply to you. You’re also given an opportunity to write a short narrative that demonstrates just exactly what you have done that allows you to lay claim to that attribute.

You can see a full list of the attributes when you create your profile, and you can read more about them in other posts on this blog. For now, however, take a look at a few examples of personal attributes that could be very important to you and to a prospective employer, but that would be unlikely to show up on a resume (or on most job search sites). Are you:

  • A Critical Thinker
  • An Attentive Listener
  • A Quick Study
  • Comfortable around top management
  • Perceptive

Keep in mind that employers who use 1st Gig are also going to be using these attributes as keywords to help them describe the type of employee they are looking for, which means that when you get a match, you can be sure that the employer values your attributes!

So as you begin to think about your life after college, don’t think of it in terms of a job ... think of it in terms of starting a career with an organization that is going to appreciate you for who you are as well as what you know and have done.

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