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What are employers looking for when they review my profile?

Student Career Placement Consultant

When you get a match from a 1st Gig employer, there are going to be a wide variety of criteria that have led to that match. The employer has established those criteria for each position, and your match means that 1st Gig’s algorithm has determined that there are significant commonalities between your profile and the employer’s preferences. But then an actual person will review your profile, and when they do, they’ll see not only the criteria that resulted in your match for the position, they’ll see your whole public profile. Research on what employers are looking for when they review resumes can help us think about what those people are going to look at when they have the opportunity to review your profile and even suggest the order in which they’re going to assess it. 

First of all, your GPA matters. Many companies will have set a minimum GPA in their requirements, and most often that’s going to be a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). So when they review your profile, they’re most likely going to look at your GPA first. Certainly, higher is better, but as long as you have met their minimum, you’re still under consideration. Just be aware that they are going to care.

Next, they’re going to want to see what type of relevant work experience you have had. Internships, cooperative education, and any part-time jobs that could provide you with that experience will be examined closely and compared to the specifics of the job. The 1st Gig algorithm has shown you to be a match, but now the human task is to see how close that match is and prioritize all the matches that have occurred.

Thirdly, they’re going to be interested in any opportunities you’ve had to demonstrate leadership and teamwork. For the past several years, the results of a  survey on what employers want (conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers) has shown that leadership and teamwork are the top two items on a list of desired skills and qualities. Where do you get those opportunities while you’re in college? Primarily through your extracurricular activities, but also through group work in your courses or any volunteer work you may have done. 

Keep all of this is mind as you create your 1st Gig profile. The algorithm will be looking for keywords to produce a match, but the human who decides to contact you for an interview is going to be looking for the details that allow him or her to see you as an individual who can become a productive part of the organization. The details you supply in your descriptions should be designed to encourage your further consideration.

For more information about what employers look for in new college graduates, see “Match your skills to what employers want” in the Resource section of this website.

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