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How do I emphasize my skills and attributes on my 1st Gig profile?

Student Career Placement Consultant

One of the goals of your 1st Gig profile is to make you stand out from other potential hires while, at the same time, showing how you fit in with an organization. The way you do this is by emphasizing your skills and attributes so that the employer can learn as much about you as possible from a profile. However, you need to be sure that you provide those details concisely. In our fast-paced society, readers want to get information quickly, so forget all the tricks you learned in school about padding your writing to produce ten-page papers. Focus on the specifics of what you have done and how you have done it. 

When you create your 1st Gig profile, you will have several opportunities to add this type of detail. In this post I’ll tell you which sections allow you to add descriptions and suggest how you can use those opportunities to emphasize your skills and attributes.

Study Abroad: If you have done a study abroad program, use the description block to tell the employer what you did there that’s relevant to your career goals. You could write about topics such as developing fluency in another language, becoming a team leader, discovering a new skill, gaining independence, learning how to interact with people from a different culture,  appreciating diversity, or recognizing (and dismissing) stereotypes. 

Certifications and Diplomas: If you have earned any type of special certification, describe what you had to do to earn it. While the name of the certificate gives the reader an idea of what you can do, spell it out in the description.

Work Experience: This section allows you to list many different positions, so include your internships, cooperative education experiences, and any relevant part-time jobs. In the descriptions, write about work you did using keywords (verbs) that are likely to match the keywords in job descriptions that interest you.

Extracurricular Involvement: Don’t just say that you were a member of a club, explain what you did in that club. Use this as a place to talk about your leadership, teamwork, or community involvement experiences.

Attributes: As discussed in a previous post, the examples you provide to support your claim of attributes should be concise but meaningful. Provide details about where you were and what you did in your examples.

Every time you have an opportunity to describe yourself on the profile, focus on the verbs that describe your actions. Verbs are the words that tell people what you have done and can do.

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