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About 1stGig is not a job board. We are a career matching service based on a proprietary algorithm designed to unite candidates searching for entry level jobs or early career opportunities with employers seeking the unique skills they offer. We know that now more than ever, college graduates are seeking more than just a job, but a genuine fit with the right company. Employers too are spending too much time, energy, and funds in their attempt to find employees that fit their needs and company values. Making those connections has never been more important. simplifies the job hunt process and makes it easier for Candidates and Employers to find each other.

1stGig was founded after years of executive search experience helped us realize that there are certain criteria that are non-negotiable when seeking a career - even for entry level jobs. That’s why, unlike job boards or other free job posting sites, takes these factors into account and developed a system to only allow perfect matches between a recent graduate and an employer’s career profile to be provided to the Potential to accept. This means that only pre-screened, pre-qualified, and motivated candidates are taking action on career opportunities. Our focus on the details and job skills that matter to companies and the interested candidates improves the chance for success between them.

Looking for a career? Getting started is easy. Candidates, create a profile outlining your preferences, skills, and experiences to match with early career opportunities with companies seeking what you offer.

Looking to hire? If a college graduate is what you need, you’re in the right place. To find employees that are a unique match for your roles, create your company and career profiles now.

If you envision a candidate with military experience for your role, regardless of a college degree, please visit our sister site, to match with veterans seeking role with military friendly employers.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. For media inquiries, contact